Zooming Issues


I am having an issue with getting the chart to zoom in and out. I have been following the example in the UserGuide for building a tree diagram using XML. I then looked at other examples on how to zoom in and out and i created the 4 buttons one for in, out, 1.0, and Fit. Basically whats happening is the diagram is being render correctly and looks great, but when I hit one of the zoom buttons all it does is reload the page nothing else happens.
Any Ideas on where to look for the issues?
I am using Visual Studio 2010 and .net 4.0

Do a View Source on your web page, and grab the definition of the Zoom In button and post it here. thanks.

Howdy here is the information for the zoom in button.
This is an HTML Button not an ASP.net button.
Also I forgot to add that I am working with the Tree Structured Graphs example, and the Zoom in button code came from the Family tree Example.

ok, that looks fine. In the element, is the id=“MyView”?

oh… and is there a GoWeb.js in your target folder where the app is running?


Here is the ID thats being generated
And yup I have the the GoWeb.js file in the same folder that the application is being tested in. The scrolling of the image using the arrows works fine no problems with that and Im guessing thats in the same GoWeb.js. So the page is seeing it.

I think I found the issue.
I changed the ID of the view in the button deffiition to
instead of ‘MyView’ and it worked for zooming in.


Here is the definitions I just created appear to be working.
<button id=“ZoomInButton” onclick=“goZoom(‘in’,‘ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$MyView’)” type=“button”>In</button>
<button id=“ZoomOutButton” onclick=“goZoom(‘out’,‘ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$MyView’)” type=“button”>Out</button>
<button id=“ZoomNormalButton” onclick=“goZoom(‘1.0’,‘ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$MyView’)” type=“button”>1.0</button>
<button id=“ZoomFitButton” onclick=“goZoom(‘fit’,‘ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$MyView’)” type=“button”>Fit</button>

I think the ContentPlaceHolder is an artifact of using MasterPages…

Does GoDiagram have issues with using master pages?

No, it just changes the way objects get named within the page.