1.0 release

Version 1.0 is now available at gojs.net.

Personally I am pleased that we were able to produce a diagramming library with so many features in such a simple package. And I like how there is nothing to download – everything is online. And I really like how there are no screenshots in our documentation – everything is “live”!

There were a few features that we postponed until after version 1.0. That’s what we will be working on next. If there are any particular features not in version 1.0 that you would like us to implement sooner rather than later, please tell us.

I expect we will be putting out bug fix baselevels and new
functionality releases fairly often, at least compared with our older
product lines. Please check here or at gojs.net regularly.

Congratulations ! An amazing version from Northwoods one more time.

Looking forward for a WinRT product… what do you suggest?, to build it in HTML5 ? or are you planning to migrate another version to WinRT (maybe the SL or Windows phone?)
Will GoJS support multitouch events?

(excuse my english)


GoJS certainly works in IE10, so I would use that when targeting Windows RT. We should create a simple example demonstrating this.

GoJS currently supports touch events on all of the touch platforms that we have tried. However the only multitouch gesture that it supports at the moment is pinch-zooming on the iPad.