1.2: Animated scrolling and zooming

In order to provide a more fluid experience for the user, we have added support for automatically animating scrolling and zooming.

For example, this increases the chances that users are able to follow where they are in the diagram when the application tries to center a node in the viewport.

Here’s a summary of the new features:

  • Added DiagramPanel.SetScaleAndPosition that animates those property changes
  • Added DiagramPanel.ZoomTime property to control the speed of these animations
  • Improved DiagramPanel's handling changes in alignment, DiagramBounds, and Size to animate transition by calling SetScaleAndPosition
  • Improved DiagramPanel.MakeVisible and CenterPart to call animated SetScaleAndPosition
You can also see the effect in the Entity Relationship sample. If you manually move the nodes farther apart, or if you zoom in a bit, and then select entities in the ListBox, you can see how the diagram animates the scrolling to make the selected node visible in the viewport.