1.2: miscellaneous useful methods

Based on customer feedback, version 1.2 has a number of useful new methods and properties.

Route.FindClosestSegment finds the straight segment that is closest to a given Point.

Node.FindTreeParts returns a collection of all of the Parts that are in a subtree starting with the Node itself and including all Links between the nodes.

Group.FindSubGraphParts returns a collection of all of the Parts that are contained by a group, including inside nested Groups and Links that connect Nodes contained by the group.

DiagramPanel.FindPartAt and FindPartsAt are more convenient ways of getting the front-most or all of the Parts at a given Point. They just call FindElementAt and FindElementsAt, but are easier to call.

PartManager.FindNodesForData and FindPartsForData are more convenient ways to get a collection of Nodes or Parts given an IDataCollection.

The Diagram.TreePath property controls tree operations such as Node.ExpandTree or the dragging of subtrees when DraggingTool.Inclusions=“SubTree”. Normally trees are assumed to grow from parent nodes to child nodes. But when you set Diagram.TreePath=“Source” it assumes the reverse: links go from child nodes to their parent node.