1.2: Route.ToShortLength

When you have thick links, sometimes the end of the link stroke extends too far for the arrowhead. For example, you might not want the arrowheads to be engulfed by the link path:

In version 1.2 you can set the Route.ToShortLength and FromShortLength properties to cause the link shape to be shorter – not to reach all the way to the link point on the port.

So if you set ToShortLength=“8” and FromShortLength=“7”:

The actual distance that it is “short” is limited by the length of the last segment.

The short length may also be negative – this typically causes the link to extend “into” the port, which can be useful at times.

This feature is useful even with thin links if you have transparent arrowheads and don’t want the link stroke to go “through” the arrowhead.