1.3 New Features

Here’s a summary of the new features in 1.3 since 1.2.6:

� Simplified samples to utilize Silverlight 4 features, such as declaring XML namespace as:
xmlns:go=“http://schemas.nwoods.com/GoXam”, just as in WPF, and thus not needing declarations for xmlns:golayout or xmlns:gotool
� Added GoSilverlightMinimal and GoSilverlightBasic examples, demonstrating simple uses of GoXam
Added Gantt sample, demonstrating how to create a Gantt chart
� Added PERT sample, demonstrating how to create a PERT diagram
� Added Fishbone sample, demonstrating a custom layout for fishbone cause-and-effect diagrams
� Added Virtualizing sample, demonstrating a VirtualizingPartManager and a VirtualizingDiagramPanel; also a VirtualizingTreeLayout
� Improved the EntityRelationship sample to optionally show an in-place Print Preview
� Improved the OrgChart sample scale Slider to use a logarithmic scale, for improved user control
� Improved the SequentialFunction sample, demonstrating a tool that lets the user shift the endpoint of a link at a node

� Added Node.RotationSpot attached property
� Added Node.ZOrder attached property, defaults to NaN (unspecified)
� Improved Route.ComputeMidAngle when the standard ComputeMidPoint returns a point on a segment other than the middle one

� Added DiagramPanel.CenterRect, to try to scroll a particular area to the center of the viewport
� Added DiagramPanel.ZoomToFit overloaded methods, to change the Scale so that the DiagramBounds fits within the viewport
� Added WPF PartManager.AddsToLogicalTree property to control whether Parts are added and removed from the logical tree; this is potentially useful for data-binding
� Added WPF PrintManager.Paginate method, so that a DocumentPaginator can be used safely,
for example for creating a print-preview functionality using an XPS DocumentViewer
� Added PrintManager.PageInfo.PageBounds property
� Added PrintManager.Completed event and OnCompleted protected virtual method, called after the print operation is finished
� Added PrintManager.DoPrint protected virtual method, called from Print, to allow customization of print options, such as printer choice and printer fallback options in Silverlight 5
� Printing now copies the value of Diagram.FlowDirection to the Canvas that is printed

� Enhanced DiagramLayout.DoLayout to observe ArrangementOrigin
� Added TreeAlignment.BusBranching
� Added TreeLayout.ComputeBusNodeSpacing and ComputeBusLastRowSpacing methods
� With improved Silverlight 4 XAML parser, can now set DiagramLayout Conditions="…" instead of ConditionFlags="…"

Tools, Commands
� Added DraggingTool.MayAcceptData and AcceptData, to more easily accept external drag-and-drop data from other controls
� Added WPF CommandHandler.ClipboardBitmap property, when set to true causes CopyToClipboard to add a bitmap of the area of the diagram occupied by the copied parts to the system clipboard

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