2.1.0 beta

Version 2.1.0 beta is now available. The kits are listed on the evaluation page.

Changes since v2.0.2


  • Added Genogram sample, for showing family trees with attributes/markers on each person
  • Added Serpentine sample, showing a custom layout
  • Added Swim Lanes sample, showing one way to use Groups as "lanes"
  • Added Sequence Diagram sample

  • Improved some cases of Link JumpOvers or JumpGaps not jumping over zero-length segments
  • Fixed Node.FindPort after a non-Part.VisualElement has changed its Node.PortId from the empty string to null or vice-versa
  • Improved routing of AvoidsNodes Links within Groups
  • Improved AvoidsNodes routing not to compute special route when default orthogonal routing does not cross over any nodes

  • Fixed the drawing of the Diagram.Background over the whole area of the bitmap produced by DiagramPanel.MakeBitmap

  • Added TreeLayout.RootVertexes property, to enable specifying roots without referring to their Nodes
  • Added TreePath.Default enumeration. As the value of TreeLayout.Path, the layout uses the Diagram.TreePath to decide whether edges go from the parent to the children or vice-versa.
  • Fixed a TreeLayout exception when routing edges with dummy vertexes

Tools, Commands
  • Added DraggingTool.IsRealtime; when set to false, a drag inside a diagram shows a representation of the dragged parts instead of moving the dragged parts. You can customize what is shown by overriding the DraggingTool.MakeDragImage virtual method.
  • Added CommandHandler.ZoomFactor, to more easily control the percentage at which the IncreaseZoom and DecreaseZoom change the Diagram’s scale.
  • Added CommandHandler.ZoomToFit command and corresponding methods, invoked by Alt-Z. Invoke twice in a row to restore the original viewport.