2.6: FreehandDrawingTool

Occasionally people ask for a Paint-like line drawing tool. I’m not sure why we never had this as an example tool, because it’s pretty simple and easy to implement and easy to understand. This is now in the 2.6 version of Demo1.
Note that there has always been a StrokeDrawingTool in Demo1, that does something similar, but with separate clicks to specify each point in the GoStroke. The FreehandDrawingTool just adds points to a stroke continuously while the mouse is down and moving.

I drew a star, and then made a copy of the stroke, so that you can see where all the points of the stroke are. You can tell by the closeness of the points that I moved the mouse slower as I got near the tip at the end of each "straight" line, but that I accelerated quickly when starting the next "straight" line segment. It sure is hard to draw well using a mouse -- that was my third try.