2.6: New/Updated GoDraw Controls

I forgot to mention that 2.6 also has updated and new controls for allowing users to modify the appearance of GoObjects.
With basically no lines of code you can now include a control that modifies the Brush, Pen, or Text properties of a GoShape, GoText, or a GoNode.
With just a few lines of code, you can now bring up a modeless form or a modal dialog to perform the same function.
The above screenshot shows three different modeless GoColorForms. Each was created with code similar to:
GoColorForm r = new GoColorForm();
f.View = goView1;
f.Property = GoShape.ChangedBrush;
f.PropertyPart = GoPropertyModifierPart.Color;
f.Text = "Body Color";
There are now controls and Forms for editing Pen and Text properties:
These may undergo more improvements in the future.