in IE 9.0 does not work, but in FF 6.01 it

Sorry, message missing:

My app works fine with Firefox 6.01. IE 9.0 stops after some postback, approx 3 or 4.
The app is loading withouit an end.

App is Webapp on localhost
MS VisualStudio 2010 FW 4.0

Any Idea?

I made some more testing:
Chrome 13 … Ok
Opera 11.50 … OK
Safari 5.1 … OK

Just IE makes trouble

Did you pick up a new copy of GoWeb.js from 4.2 for your app?

GoWeb Dll is dated: 11.07.2011 15:56 Version 4.2.04
GoWeb.Layout Dll is dated: 11.07.2011 15:57 Version 4.2.04

Is there a newer version?


IE 8 works

I asked about the GoWeb.js file (client side). Did you replace the one you had with the one from the 4.2 kit?

sorry, my mistake, did not read your post properly:

I replaced the GoWeb.js file with that from 4.2.04
I just made a beyond compare of my js file with that, that comes with 4.2.04
the files do match, BUT the problem persists



BUT the problem persists!!
Any ideas, Jake??

I’ve updated http://www.godotnetweb.com/ to have 4.2 beta. I don’t see any problems with IE9 in my testing. You know which of the samples is most like your app. If you can reproduce the problem with any of the apps on gotdotnetweb, that would help me track down a problem.

I’ ll do my best

Sorry, Jake,

but no demo meets my application. GoDiagram is controled by some buttons via postbacks. The data come from a database. I think UD doers not like the postbacks, but do not know why.

Can you email me the .aspx file for that page?

It sounds like one postback is triggering another one. If you set breakpoints in your javascript, you may be able to step through and see the cascade happening.

HI Jake

there was a “double” postback, I made a correction but the problem persits.
FF, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE 8.0 show no Problem, but the problem persists with IE 9. I tried with GoWeb 4.1.04 and, VS 2010 FW 4.0
A try with GoWeb and with VS 2008 FW 2.0 and IE 9 shows no problem. But his version is built with a different version of our development framework. It is not possible to try the new development framework with VS 2008 and FW 2.0


I’ve looked at your code… you’ve copied goInit out of goWeb.js and modified it. It doesn’t look like goInit changed between 4.1 and 4.2, but if you can find another way to do what you’re doing there, I would advise that. (look at what goOnLoad does, for example.)

You also have some __doPostBack calls in there that I would look at carefully (set breakpoints at all of them and make sure they are part of the cascading event).

Is your IE9 running in quirks mode? Note what the release notes says about <!DOCTYPE>

you must change the HTML header in your pages to be

<span =“Apple-tab-span” style=“white-space:pre”>

you’ve copied goInit out of goWeb.js and modified it

This is no longer part of my code, but no change

When the databases are restored, I 'll try your <!DocType> hint.

Smile Thanks Jake.
In my Part of the application I’m able to set the <!DocType> mode without any emulation of IE 7, other parts need this emulation.

You are great, Jake


Everything is fixed now?

YES, its now working 4.1.04 AND

Thank you