The most recent (and hopefully final) beta release for 5.2 is now available at:
http://www.nwoods.com/go/kits/JGo521Eval.exe or http://www.nwoods.com/go/kits/JGo521Eval.zip (for Swing)
http://www.nwoods.com/go/kits/JGoSWT521Eval.exe or http://www.nwoods.com/go/kits/JGoSWT521Eval.zip (for SWT)
We should also be sending e-mail to customers who purchased recently, or those who purchased support/subscription.
Some of the more significant features:

  • added JGoCollection, a light weight JGoObjectCollection that you can pass to any method that requires a JGoObjectCollection or JGoObjectSimpleCollection
  • added JGoDocument property: LinksLayer, the layer to hold links; initially same as JGoDocument.getDefaultLayer()
  • added JGoDocument.add method, which adds links to the JGoDocument.getLinksLayer() and non-links to the getDefaultLayer()
  • added JGoDocument.addCopy method, a convenient way to make a copy of a JGoObject and add it to a JGoDocument
  • added JGoObject.copy method, a convenient way to make a copy of a JGoObject without adding it to a JGoDocument
  • added JGoSelection.toArray, addArray, and addCollection
  • added JGoViewEvent.SELECTION_STARTING and SELECTION_FINISHED events, raised before and after many objects are selected or de-selected
  • changed, improved JGoPrintPreview (Swing)
  • refactored JGoSubGraph by splitting into a new base class, JGoSubGraphBase, that can be used to implement your own subgraphs
  • added UpdateDemo and BoxApp example applications (Swing)

Oh, yes, and everything works fine with the just-released JDK 6.0.