A Couple of Noob Questions

Hi and thanks in advance for taking the time to reply. As with most of my forum posts, I am sure that all I need to do to find the answer is post a stupid question. Moments later I will find the answer. So here goes.

  1. It is recommended that we not use the binary formatter due to its tight coupling with the class structure. It sure is easy though. Can you tell me how it might go bad in the future?
  2. I would like to have a transparent tool bar float near my text that is being edited. The toolbar will contain formatting functions. Is there an example of this anywhere?
  3. I would like to have a CAD cross-hair (full field). What do I override to make that happen?
  4. I would like to be able to trim lines, arcs, ellipses, etc. Any examples?
  5. I would like to edit image properties like color, hue, saturation, crop, etc. Any examples?

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OOPs forgot to mention that I am using the GoDiagram for WinForms

binary formatter…

Ever going to do a second release? You end up with on-disk structures that capture the class structure. Extend a class, and now your old data on disk isn’t compatible.

We did this with the first version of a Planogram tool that we built for National Hardware. We used C++ with MFC serialization, which actually had some versioning to help avoid this problem. But the company came back years later for a 2nd version that we ended up using C# for… the problem was all those old files with MFC serialization in them. We had to go back the original C++ code, and wrote a “translator” that could read in the old serialized data and spit out XML.

> toolbar will contain formatting functions…

Well, you could use our GoDraw controls. See StateCharter or DrawDemo.
> CAD cross-hair (full field)
this is 2 intersecting lines that go the full width and height of view? Go Tools can set the Windows "crosshair" cursor, but I don't think that's what you're talking about here.
> trim lines, arcs, ellipses, etc. Any examples?
I can't think of one. Look at GoDrawable... it lets you do StartAt, LineTo, CurveTo sorts of ops, and there is also API for editing those ops. But I don't think we have a sample of that.
Specific shapes can have unique handles for user operations. DrawDemo has some samples of that. DrawDemo also has "GoTools" which extend the UI in various ways.
> edit image properties like color, hue, saturation, crop
Not with any "Go" API, but GoImage is just a System.Drawing.Image, so you use all the samples you can find with Google to manipulate at that level.

Thanks for the quick response.