A few minor questions

I’ve just downloaded and installed the latest GoDiagram version, and was hoping you might be able to answer a few questions for me…

Most of this comes from the Demo1 to make things easier, as I’m just seeing if I can get my required look and feel…

  1. Using a CollapsingRecordNode I’ve removed all the Pen and colouring and instead set a LinearGradientBrush as the Brush for the node.

This works fine if my main node is collapsed, however when I’ve got it expanded it seems to only grab one of the colours, and hence I have no gradient. Am I missing something here?

  1. Resizing of a CollapsingRecordNode:
    a) If I collapse the node and resize it vertically, all my noderesize to the height of the group node.
    b) If I resize it with the group expanded my nodes try to fill the space.
    c) It’s not possible to shrink this back down.

Is there an easy way to add a maximum height (I don’t want nodes to auto-scale basically) and ensure it can be shrunk back down? It may be as easy as setting a property but I’m not quite sure which one I should be using.

  1. Horiztonal resize of a CollapsingRecordNode seems buggy. If I resize the width so child nodes text falls outside the main group there text overflows the group. Then moving the whole group causes drawing artifacts.

  2. I’m struggling to get the GoCollapsibleHandle.SetSpotLocation() to work. In effect I’d like to move the GoCollapsibleHandle to the TopRight corner of the group. I’ve found a sample on this forum, but I can’t seem to get the thing to budge, do you have any suggestions?

  1. InfoNode8 in Demo1 uses gradient brushes, but it isn’t collapsible. There isn’t anything about being collapsible that should cause a problem with brushes though… If you can’t figure it out from looking at other samples, send us the code to “godiagram” @ this domain.

  2. CollapsingRecordNode isn’t designed to be resizable, so I guess I’m not surprised that you’re having problems if you’ve enabled resize. (In thinking about this node, I’m not sure I understand what would even make sense on a resize… so I’m not sure why you’ve enabled it.)

  3. ok, I can understand horizontal resize, but you should limit it to the text width the way ScrollingRecordNode does. (SwimmingPool in Demo1 only allows horizontal resize)

  4. Look at ScrollingRecordNode. It has an upper-right collapse handle.

Thanks Jake, I’ll take a look at these tomorrow.

In response to #3, in a way you are correct. However I’m actually planning on adding the scroll handles like one of the other classes whos name escapes me right now. At this point a vertical resize does actually make sense, so maybe this is a mute question.