A small suggestion on the GoXam Demo Page

Dear GoXam Admin Team,

Just a small suggestion on the GoXam GoSilverlightDemo pages like http://www.goxam.com/1.2/Silverlight4/GoSilverlightDemo.html

It would be great if a small CTRL+F feature is provided in Code/Xaml/Data tabs so that we can quickly locate the pieces of code.

Currently since the entire component is silverlight there is no way to Copy/Paste or Ctrl+F on the section.

Adding some searching capability to the demo is a good idea.

You should be able to select any or all of the text in any of the tabs on the right side, and then copy it. The Saved tab, for those samples that save and load XML, lets you paste text there too. The other tabs are read-only, because it didn’t make sense to allow modification.