A strange issue in Firefox Development tools console.log


I was using Firefox with firebug for development with gojs, and by doing console.log(myDiagram) or any other object of gojs, I could see all the properties, variables etc in the object. but after Firefox’s latest update (51.01), they have discontinued the firebug support, and encourage us to use Firefox development tools.

but when I do console.log(myDiagram) in Firefox dev tools, it only shows object variables. It doesn’t show the available methods in that object, and those variables that are shown are also not complete.

if I create my own object of anything, that is displayed correctly, but only gojs objects have this issue. Can You recommend any solution, or a way to view all the members of the gojs object is console.log? or any substitute to Firefox development tools, because in firebug, console.log stopped working after Firefox 51.01 update…

I normally use Firefox, and I normally debug using the built-in debugging tools. I stopped using Firebug many years ago.