Ability to use html text as link label

Hi There,

Below is my generated condition and needs to be shown on the link label. When I gave this as the text attribute value, it just shows as is. Is there anyway to parse the HTML and render ?

<span style=“color:red;font-weight:bold”>attr a<span style=“color:blue;font-weight:bold”>!=<span style=“color:green;font-weight:bold”> 45

  1. What are all the required files to make it work in any page ?
    Here is the problem that I’m facing, I’m in need to show the graph content in a panel of my regular page. I tried using palette example by tweaking the code that tries to add scripts(document.write). This is required for me because, I don’t want to replace the whole document but part of it.

The palette comes up but cannot drag on to the canvas, any inputs on this ?

  1. Not at the current time, but in the future we may introduce a way to do what you are asking for.

  2. In general you only need to load the GoJS library, which is just a single file. Why not just load the GoJS library once for the whole page? You don’t even need to load it synchronously.

Have you set Diagram.allowDrop to true on the target Diagram? (Diagram.allowDragOut is automatically set to true for Palettes.)

Thank you for the update.
I added allowDrop = true, but my bad that it was in comments ;-). Now I changed it and seems working fine.

However, getting below error in the console whenever I drop the first element on to the graph, any ideas ?

TypeError: a.T.event is null

No, I have no idea of what might be causing that error.

Do the regular samples that make use of a Palette and a Diagram work for you? What is different in how you set things up?

It is basically the same Walter, except I have included the required content into my page where I do have other processing. Anyway will have to look into it in detail.