About DragCreating -- start editing text automatically

I set the property Editable to True,
Now I have a new requirement:
When using the Text tool, I apply the box and it is selected, but I cannot type. I have to click the box a second time to get a cursor and type. Make text entry active when box is placed.

OK, so you have set the node’s TextBlock.editable to true. Also give it a GraphObject.name:

            $(go.Node, "Auto",
                . . .,
                  { margin: 2, editable: true, name: "TB" },
                  new go.Binding("text", "color"))),

Then in DragCreatingTool.insertPart override, also call CommandHandler.editTextBlock:

            insertPart: function(bounds) {  // override DragCreatingTool.insertPart
              // use a different color each time
              this.archetypeNodeData.color = go.Brush.randomColor();
              // call the base method to do normal behavior and return its result
              var newpart = DragCreatingTool.prototype.insertPart.call(this, bounds);
              // also start editing the text
              return newpart;

Oh Thank you so much!

For anyone finding this topic but interested in automatically starting editing after a drag-and-drop from a Palette, see the sample Graphical Macros via Auto Ungrouping, which does something similar in an “ExternalObjectsDropped” DiagramEvent listener.