About incremental ungrouped node apply

I implementing mouse Dragging ungroup some node refer to this sample.

the problem is when Dragging a node outside a Group it emits incrementJSON like this,
{ “class”: “GraphLinksModel”, “incremental”: 1,
“linkKeyProperty”: “id”,
“modifiedNodeData”: [ {“loc”:"-157 -229", “fig”:“Diamond”, “text”:“new\nnode”, “fill”:“rgba(144, 238, 144, 1)”, “key”:“iEc92roJ9mg5l0pGWQ”} ]}

there is no “group” key.
if I apply this to another diagram use applyIncrementalJson method then it will not delete “group” key on this node. so the node is still in the group. so I can’t synchronize two diagrams.

Hmmm, we’ll look into this.

Could you please try the beta library that you can get from https://gojs.net/beta/release/go.js ?

I’m hoping this addresses the problem that you have encountered. We’d like confirmation that it is working in your app before releasing this version 2.1.25.

It no problem, thank you.