About the license from npm library

How to download Gojs library under license from npm?

Because the project is used on different computers, it is my priority to upload licensed files through npm

The software license agreement is at Software License Agreement for Northwoods Software. Or you can get the same file from our GitHub repository or from the npm installation.

Basically, when you upload the files you are using it under the terms of the evaluation license. So there’s no problem with uploading it multiple times to multiple machines.

For more information, please read GoJS Deployment -- Northwoods Software.

Actually, could you tell us precisely which version of GoJS you are using? It occurs to me now that you might be asking a different question than what I thought you wrote.

“version”: “1.8.30”,
As far as I understand, the licensing of the gojs library is provided by the formerly licensed library file.
But now it is enough to enter the licence key after version 1.7
So using npm or local file will not make a difference.
I’m going to try it today, if I have problems, I’ll write again.
Thank you