About UI Automation


We are using GoDiagram for some time now, and we are considering coded UI tests. We plan to use usual .Net technology: UI Automation. Unfortunetely, it seem GoDiagram does not support UI Automation and so we won’t be able to simulate user action easily inside a GoView. Do you have any plan to support this technology ? And by the way, do you plan to support it in GoXam ?

About UI Automation:

It’s been our “would be nice to do” list for a while now, but we only get about 1 request a year for it. And about every 2 years, the test framework people ask for changes: UI Automation, MSAA, QTP, TestComplete, etc.

I know we’ve had at least one customer build MSAA testing on top of GoDiagram for their own app.

I’ll let Walter answer for the GoXam team.

Same for GoXam…

Walter & Sam,

Is this still your current position on UI Automation?

We are working with UI Automation and would like to see some more friendly and meaningful AutomationElements in the visual tree of GoXam.

Thanks for your time!

I don’t think things have changed. I still would very much like to do it, but I’m unable to justify giving it a higher priority.

Thanks for the quick reply. That’s fine, I guess I will have to do some work after-all, lol.

Suggestion for anyone trying to do this is to override your goXam container’s OnCreateAutomationPeer to return your own hand-rolled AutomationPeer that explicitly states how the visual tree should look.

Hi snoll,
Although its been long time. But have you got any solution. If yes then do you have any sample.