Achieving relational dynamics in genogram

I am evaluating GoJS to use it for a genogram maker. The thing that I am missing here is the possibility to add relational dynamics like the red lines show in the image attached.
The red lines should be links between nodes independent of the layout of the genogram. Is this acheivable in any way?

Sure. First, have you seen Custom Relationships ? That’s how you can create links that have some repeating pattern in them, such as wavy lines or two or three parallel lines.

Second, for those links you’ll probably want to use a separate link template. Have Link.isLayoutPositioned set to false for those links, so that they won’t affect the GenogramLayout. Set their Link.fromSpot and Link.toSpot to be go.Spot.None, so that those links are routed straight between the edges of the connected nodes.

Thats great! Thank you so much. This brings me a lot closer. One final thing is the need for a symbol in the middle of a link as you can see in certain relationships in this picture like the controlling relationship link. Is there a way to do this? genogram-relationship-symbols-8

I think the better question would be how to extend the list of relationship links as there are some that use a different repetitive pattern than the ones provided by gojs and some that need a symbol in the middle. These types of relationships are recognised as standards in genograms and it wo7ld be great if we can support them.

Use a label on the link: GoJS Link Labels -- Northwoods Software