Activation of GoSilverlight and GoWPF


I use GoSilverlight and GoWPF and I still orderd a license. Now I want to activate it with the help of the LincenseManager. Following scenario:
I develope not on a localmachine but on a TeamServer. The question I have is what I have to do that allways my application is deployed the licensed version of the dll´s is deployed and not the one where there is still the evaluation text in the middle of e. g. go:Diagram. Is it just necessary to install the license on the developer-machine or is there something more to do?

Each developer needs to install a development license on their machine for each product that they are using. That enables the License Manager to be able to produce run-time license keys that you have to embed in the application constructor of each of your applications. (And it enables designer behavior in Visual Studio, although currently only for GoWPF).

The licensing/deployment issues are discussed in the GoXamIntro.pdf document.