Activity node resizable

I cant do activity node be resizable.
I set the resizable property true in activitynode, goview, goview.document.
How can I do this?

Thanks in advance,
Pablo Becker.

It’s the icon that needs to be resizable.

protected override GoObject CreateIcon(System.Resources.ResourceManager res, string iconname)
GoObject obj = base.CreateIcon (res, iconname);
obj.Resizable = true;
return obj;
Note, however, that you're probably not going to be happy with the result, as the LayoutChildren doesn't do anything for positioning ports on a resized ActivityNode.
(ActivityNode is defined by the Processor sample)

Great! its work!

Im gonna try to move the ports on ObjectResized.

How can I add nodes to resize only the height or the width?

Thanks in advance,
Pablo Becker.

By the way, you don’t need to override that CreateIcon method just to set a property on it. Adding the following line in the constructor should be sufficient:
this.Icon.Resizable = true;

However, the additional work in LayoutChildren to reposition the ports is still needed.

Thank you!

How can I add nodes to resize only the height and the width because now I can resize from the corners.

Thanks in advance,

I think this will do what you want.

public override void AddSelectionHandles(GoSelection sel, GoObject selectedObj) {
if (!CanResize()) {
sel.CreateBoundingHandle(this, selectedObj);
} else {
RectangleF rect = this.Bounds;
float x1 = rect.X;
float x2 = rect.X + (rect.Width/2);
float x3 = rect.X + rect.Width;
float y1 = rect.Y;
float y2 = rect.Y + (rect.Height/2);
float y3 = rect.Y + rect.Height;
sel.CreateResizeHandle(this, selectedObj, new PointF(x2, y1), MiddleTop, true);
sel.CreateResizeHandle(this, selectedObj, new PointF(x3, y2), MiddleRight, true);
sel.CreateResizeHandle(this, selectedObj, new PointF(x2, y3), MiddleBottom, true);
sel.CreateResizeHandle(this, selectedObj, new PointF(x1, y2), MiddleLeft, true);