Add a new node on diagram next to existing node, irrespective to diagram zoom

Hi I am trying to add new nodes just next to existing node, at the specific distance, which I am able to do.
But I want the same behavior irrespective of canvas zoom level, when I zoom out the diagram, the newly added node appear closer to the main node and when I zoom out it appears far from the main node.

Can we add that node so it appears at the same position, doesn’t matter on which zoom level I am on (I need to this behaviour for just adding new nodes).

the nodes I want to see is as follows :

You’ll need to implement a “ViewportBoundsChanged” DiagramEvent listener that checks whether e.subject.scale !== e.diagram.scale. If so, move those nodes to be where you want. You can even change their GraphObject.scale if you want, as demonstrated by Kitten Monitor