Add arrow heads to a PathFigure


would it be possible to add arrow heads to a shape that uses a PathFigure geometry?

said shape being in a node template… not a link template.

or… what would be the easiest way of doing it without any extra math on my part… I can obviously compute the arrow head myself.
but I would rather not. :)


Could you show a screenshot of what you want? Which figure name are you using?

well… no figure…

$GO(go.Shape, $.extend({}, defaultShapeProperties, { margin: 0, isPanelMain: true, parameter1: 6, toArrow: 'Standard' }) , new go.Binding('geometry', '', (step) => step.arrowGeometry) )

and arrowGeometry is built in code by adding a bunch of go.PathSegment(go.PathSegment.Line, ...) to a go.PathFigure.

Setting or binding Shape.geometry takes precedence over any assignment of Shape.figure or Shape.toArrow. It cannot be both things at once.

By the way, an equivalent but more efficient binding would be: new go.Binding('geometry', 'arrowGeometry').

sure… but the ‘arrowGeometry’ is actually a shorted version of the function I’m actually using… no point in posting 100 lines of code here :)

so… no way to getting a simple line to have an arrow head… ok… guess math it is then.