Add custom image to cursor

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I am new to GoDiagram software. I have a requirement that need to add the custom image to follow the cursor. I am creating new objects on GoView control in mouse click, NO drag and drop.


1. User will select the object from the tool bar

2. Cursor should change to cross when mouse moved into GoView area

3. Along with cross cursor , the selected object image (.PNG) should display

I have changed the cursor to cross in mouse move event, this is working, but I don't know how add the image with cursor. I saw some samples, but those only for drag and drop.

I found that it can be done by overriding the GetExternalDragImage, but I can't use that. Because I am not using drag and drop.

Could someone help?

Thanks in advance.

Look at the DrawDemo sample, it has a tool that does exactly what you need.

In the “Tools” toolbar, there is a button with “+ obj” that will put you in a mode that creates whatever object is selected in the palette when you click.

The tool is called “ClickCreateTool”.

Thanks a lot. It helped to solve the issue.

Thanks again for the immediate response!!