Add existing Nodes to new group

Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I am evaluating this product and think my needs can be achieved.

What I am trying to do is the following.

I have some Nodes on my Diagram.

I want to create a new Node which is a SubGraph.

Then I want the already existing nodes to be in that new group/subgraph.

What is did is:

Create a new subgraph node:

BaseClass newNode = new BaseClass()


Category = “GroupTemplate”,

IsSubGraph = true,

Id = sGroupId,

Key = sGroupId,

Name = “Group”,


then for each selected node on the graph i set the properties to be into that group. But they still are outside the group.

foreach (Node nod in myDiagram.SelectedParts.OfType())


BaseClass Shape = (BaseClass)nod.Data;

Shape.SubGraphKey = sGroupId;




AH well…now it seems to work suddenly…

Be sure to create the subgraph data and add the keys to it within a transaction.

In general, any change to the model should be performed within a transaction. The only common exception is when initializing a model, before the model has been assigned to a diagram.

On a different issue: are you using multiple DataTemplates for your groups? If not, you don’t need to set Category = “GroupTemplate” on the data. You just set Diagram.GroupTemplate to be the only DataTemplate for Groups.

Walter, Thanks for your reply.

I was doing indeed my changes within a transaction.

For now I am using just 1 group template but later in my project (when we decide to buy) I will use different onces, so just that I have implemented it already :)