Add Hyperlink to the node

With GoDiagram Web, how can I add a hyperlink into a node?

Thanks in advance.

Are you asking how a user would do it interactively, or how a programmer would do it through code?

Showing how a programmer would do it, sir. Sorry for the confusion.

It depends on whether you want to handle the click on a “hyperlink” object on the server in your ASP.NET code or on the client in JavaScript.

GoWebIntro.doc shows you how to do it on the server – search for “hyperlink”.

On the client, implement a JavaScript function that handles a single-click event and calls (or whatever you want to do to implement the “hyperlink” behavior). You may want it to return false if you don’t want that click to also be handled on the server.

Set GoView.DataRenderer.LabeledNodeSingleClick to be the name of your JavaScript function, or else set GoPartInfo.SingleClick if you customize the data that is sent to the client for each visible object.

There’s lots of customization you can do here – it’s described in GoWebIntro.doc.