Add Points To GoLabeledLink

How can I implement a function allowing the user to
add points to a link at the coordinates the user moves the mouse to?

i.e. you right-click on a link (coordinates have to be stored), you select “Add Point” from the Menu-Entry,
result: this Points has been added to the link.

The Demo1 sample already has this: draw a link, context-click to get a context menu, and select Insert Point. The code is in GraphLink.cs and handles Orthogonal links as well as non-Orthogonal ones.


Can you tell me where can I find this option, as I am also facing this problem.

@Jake: if you are aware about its solution can you please help us.

Thanks & Regards,
Srujal Kachhela

Demo1 was renamed to NodeLinkDemo… the sample is there now. Note you have to change link.AdjustingStyle as the Calculate default will create a new set of points each time the link is routed.