Adding a New Page in the GoJS Diagram

We are in the process of procuring GoJS license. However, we have a situation, where we need to add a page dynamically at the end of a diagram by clicking a b

utton. DO you have any code for this?

What do you mean by a “page”? Or “the end of a diagram”? It seems unlikely that you mean an HTML page. Some small before-and-after screenshots or sketches would be helpful.

The sections which are separated by the dotted lines is my point of interest. We want to add more sections like this dynamically based on user action- when user drags one flowchart item to the end of the section or crossed the border of the section. We need some code which generates this dotted section dynamically with same width and height.

Would you want the page breaks to be shown continuously? And adjusted dynamically as the user moves nodes around? If so, take a look at The complete source code is on that page.

I want the page breaks to be displayed continuously but it should be of fixed width and height (Maybe the size of A4/A3) and pages (of A3/A4 size) should be automatically added after the last page break as the user drags the flowchart items outside the last page break.

I need code for this

What is wrong with what I just gave you? You should be able to adapt the code for your own app.

I would have done that, but your page size is dynamic, we need pages with fixed size (A4/A3).