Adding diagrams in a diagram

Hi walter

I want to add diagrams made in goxam into other diagrams and make them behave as goxam figures.I want to drag n drop already created diagram in goxam and make links between them.Using the silverlight Goxam.

I’m not sure I understand what you want to do.

Could you get a “snapshot” of a diagram as an image and use that in a node of another diagram? Or does it have to be “live”? Or can the user interact with that nested diagram and modify it – and perhaps simultaneously modify that diagram that also happens to be open in another window?

If it’s the former case, get the Diagram.Panel.DiagramBounds and figure out what scale you want to render at in order to get the size bitmap that you want. Then call Diagram.Panel.MakeBitmap, passing in the desired bitmap size and rendering scale. Use the result as the Image.Source of an Image element that you include in your Node.

If it’s some other case, you might consider using a Group, because groups can be used to hold subgraphs of Nodes and Links. You would just need to arrange that those member nodes and links are data-bound to the model data of another diagram. But there’s a lot of flexibility here, so I can’t be too specific.