Adding Filter in LinkLabelOnPathDragging


i am dealing with a huge number of node in LinkLabelOnPathDragging Visualization, how can i filter the data depending upon the node so that it will not create any confusion to the end user .

Could you describe the user’s confusion more precisely, please? It would be helpful to provide a small screenshot for the current situation and then another one showing how it should be instead.

since my data set is huge so one link is overlapping with the another one, and user is not able to understand the connection between nodes, so my requirement is like i want to add a filter where if user select any node from the drop down, the graph will show only the selected source and target of the link and it will hide rest of the link and node.

I’m wondering if you wanted to do something like the Local View sample, Local View ?

I don’t know if you even want to show the view with the whole graph. I’m just suggesting that perhaps your view should only show the selected node and all connected links and their nodes.

Only ever showing a small subset of the graph also makes the initial load a lot faster.