Adding legend on bottom-right of the screen in GoJS

I was following this GoJS tutorial for adding a static legend for my graph. In this tutorial, they have added the legend on the top left of the screen, but I wanted it at the bottom right of the screen. Is there a way to achieve it?

          layerName: "Grid",  // must be in a Layer that is Layer.isTemporary,
                              // to avoid being recorded by the UndoManager
          _viewPosition: new go.Point(0,0)  // some position in the viewport,
                                            // not in document coordinates
        $(go.TextBlock, "A Title", { font: "bold 24pt sans-serif", stroke: "green" })));

    // Whenever the Diagram.position or Diagram.scale change,
    // update the position of all simple Parts that have a _viewPosition property.
    myDiagram.addDiagramListener("ViewportBoundsChanged", function(e) {
      e.diagram.commit(function(dia) {
        // only iterates through simple Parts in the diagram, not Nodes or Links {
          // and only on those that have the "_viewPosition" property set to a Point
          if (part._viewPosition) {
            part.position = new go.Point(dia.viewportBounds.right-part.actualBounds.width,
            part.scale = 1/dia.scale;
      }, null);  // temporarily set skipsUndoManager to true, to avoid recording these changes

Thanks, that helps. I had one more follow-up to this. Using the above code, suppose I am putting two titles one below the other, then on zooming-in and zooming-out, the gap between those two titles also increase and decrease respectively. Is there a way to keep the space betweent the two titles constant?
This doesn’t happen if I set the two titles on top-left. I suppose this is because scaling happens with-respect-to origin which is on top-left.