Adding Scroll bars to tree mapper

I am using the tree mapper sample (GoJS Tree Mapper)
I need to add a scroll bar to tree . Without the scrollbar it is not possible to connect the last node of the tree to the first node of the right tree.

Page Not Found -- Northwoods Software is not helping us though it looks similar as the moment I change the group template type to Table the tree is messed up.

Since this is a very basic requirement I would like to know if someone has implemented this.

Here’s my first attempt at adding “thumbs” to the scrollbars of the Clipped Groups sample. Call this the ClippedGroups5 sample. There are probably bugs, but I cannot promise to fix them any time soon.

[EDIT: the code is now at Clipped Groups with Scrollbar when Selected As usual, the complete source code is in the page itself.

There is also a very similar sample at Clipped Groups with Scrollbar This is basically the same except that the scrollbars are always visible – selecting the group is not required to show the scrollbars.]