Adding VScrollBar with CollapsingRecordNode

can i use System.Windows.Forms.VScrollBar to CollapsingRecordNode ?

ScrollingMultiTextNode can’t expression to depth node.

You can do it, but it’s not something we recommend. This section of the FAQ says why:

Can I embed a Windows Forms Panel or a Form into a GoView?

Yes, you can do this by creating an instance of GoControl and assigning its ControlType property to the type of your Control that implements IGoControlObject. GoText uses this mechanism to bring up different kinds of text editors in a modal fashion, as part of the GoObject.DoBeginEdit, CreateEditor, Editor, and DoEndEdit functionality. GoText’s internal classes that inherit from TextBox, NumericUpDown, and ComboBox perform initialization (by looking at the GoControl.EditedObject) when the IGoControlObject.GoControl property is set. RectWithCheckBox in the Demo1 directory provides an example editor: a CheckBox that is shown when the user tries to edit an instance of RectangleWithCheckBoxEditor.

If you want your Windows Forms Controls to appear and be active continuously (i.e. in a mode-less fashion), this is also possible but is not fully supported. Limitations include: all Controls appear in front of all other GoObjects, Controls do not print or scale well, you may have focus management problems, and you need to deal with potential multiple active Controls for the same GoControl instance when there are multiple GoViews on the same document.

The class ScrollingMultiTextNode in Demo1 gives you a scrolling object, but without the "bar" part, just the scroll buttons... but you're right, there's no way to tell how much is hidden or where you are in the scrolled list.