Adjusting font size to fit fixed size GoTextNode

I have a situation where I have a fixed size GoTextNode. If the text is too long, it gets clipped. I would like to automatically make the font size smaller to fit the GoTextNode. Suggestions?

I think all you need to do is set node.Label.AutoRescales to true.

At least that works for me if I play with GoTextNodes in NodeLinkDemo using the properties bar.

Just tried it in Node Link Demo. No effect. I’m still using 4.2. Did the font actually got smaller to fit the box as you made the box smaller?

  GoTextNode tng = new GoTextNode();
  tng.Text = "a GoTextNode with AutoRescales";
  tng.Resizable = true;
  tng.Label.AutoRescales = true;
  tng.Position = new PointF(170, 200);