Adornment on link is not removed on mouseLeave

Hi Team,
I have added an adornment on a link, so when user hover on the link it will show a button and on mouseLeave I am removing the adornment. I am facing an issue while removing the adornment. Most of the time it works fine but when I move the mouse slowly from a link to a node (instead of moving to the canvas) adornment is not removed from the canvas. Though while debugging I found that it is removed from the link object and is giving null when I try to find the adornment on the link.

This is how it behave [last time + icon stays on the link]

I am also updating 1 property of the link object [I even tried without that property update still the behavior is same]

mouseLeave: (_, obj) => {
        // hide the adornment on mouse leave of adornment
        const linkObject= (obj as any).adornedPart;
        const linkData =;
        linkData.$hover = false;
        if (!linkData.$activeContext) {

before and after removing the adornment in mouseLeave event


I’m not sure what you are doing in the mouseEnter event handler, or if you have other related handlers on nodes or the diagram (background).

Does this example help?
Or this one?