Adornments for unbound nodes


I have added unbound and also the nodes with data to the diagram. When I do select all or rubberband select, I see the blue dots only around nodes with data. The unbound nodes will not have any adornments or any blue dots highlights thus no way to understand if the node is selected or not.

Is there any way to get adornments for unbound nodes ?

Any suggestions on this ?

Sorry for the delay – just getting back from holidays. I will address this later today.

I just tried adding an unbound, unmodeled Node to a Diagram:

    <go:Diagram . . .>
      . . .
      <go:Node Id="UnboundSpotPanel3">
        <go:SpotPanel go:Node.LocationSpot="0 1" go:Node.Location="350 350"
                    go:Node.SelectionAdorned="True" go:Node.SelectionElementName="Rectangle5"
                    go:Node.Resizable="True" go:Node.Rotatable="True"
                    go:Part.DragOverSnapEnabled="False" go:Part.DragOverSnapCellSize="20 10">
          <Rectangle x:Name="Rectangle5" go:SpotPanel.Main="True" Fill="LightCoral" Width="200" Height="100" />
          <Rectangle go:SpotPanel.Spot="0.5 0.5" Fill="Orange" Width="10" Height="10" />

I was able to select it and see its Adornments. I was able to resize and rotate it.