Alice dissapears when focusing on Aaron in twins example


I see that in the twinks example, when changing the focus in the code on the node 0, the node 1 dissapears. So in SetupDiagram i just change 4 to 0 here.
0 /* focus on this person */);

I have not changed anything else.
And the result is that node 1 Alice) is gone in the resulting render of the diagram.

You must be using an ancient version of the sample, because years ago I commented out the code that does that. BTW, that was originally done at the request of some customers, but I removed it when I thought other customers might find it confusing, as you do now.

See the commented-out code in setupDiagram:

    // create and initialize the Diagram.model given an array of node data representing people
    function setupDiagram(diagram, array, focusId) {
      diagram.model =
          { // declare support for link label nodes
            linkLabelKeysProperty: "labelKeys",
            // this property determines which template is used
            nodeCategoryProperty: "s",
            // create all of the nodes for people
            nodeDataArray: array

      var node = diagram.findNodeForKey(focusId);
      if (node !== null) {;
        // remove any spouse for the person under focus:
        //node.linksConnected.each(function(l) {
        //  if (!l.isLabeledLink) return;
        //  l.opacity = 0;
        //  var spouse = l.getOtherNode(node);
        //  spouse.opacity = 0;
        //  spouse.pickable = false;

Hi Walter,

I was using the one here: Genogram
It is not commented out there. I cant find the version you are using.

Can you point me to the newest version?

The latest released version is always at GoJS - Build Interactive Diagrams for the Web
So in this case it would be Genogram
However, I quoted the relevant code in my previous reply.