Aligning nodes in Palette


I have a Palette with nodes of various size. I am trying to align the nodes WRT to bottom align however I am having little success. When I set the contentAlignment as Bottom the nodes do move at the bottom, something like this.

What I am expect is something like this.

here is the node template of the palette.

(go.Node, 'Auto', nodeStyle(), (go.Panel, ‘Auto’, {
defaultAlignment: go.Spot.Bottom,
mouseEnter: nodeMouseOver,
mouseLeave: nodeMouseLeave,
name: ‘BODY’,
stretch: go.GraphObject.Fill
$(go.Picture, new go.Binding(‘source’, ‘source’))

You want to set Node.locationSpot to go.Spot.Bottom.

Those alignment and defaultAlignment properties on your Auto Panel have no effect on the positioning of the Node.

Since there is only one child element in that Auto Panel, you can remove that Panel from your template. In fact, you should be seeing a warning to that effect in the console window.


THat worked :)