Alignment of iconic nodes in GoPalette

I’m using a GoPalette object to display iconic nodes of different sizes and I’d like to know how can I align all nodes left.
These are some of the properties I use:
myPalette.AutomaticLayout = true;
myPalette.GridOrigin = new PointF(0, 0);
myPalette.GridCellSize = new SizeF(40, 40);
The bigger nodes seem to be placed in the first column, which is ok, but the others are placed in the second column. I’d like them all in the first column. I don’t manage to do that even if I change the GridCellSize.
I could mail a screenshot to you if needed.
Another problem I have is with the horizontal scroll bar, which doesn’t show even if I set ShowHorizontalScrollBar on Show. Are there dependencies on other properties, which would make ‘Show’ a not valid value for ShowHorizontalScrollBar?
My version of GoDiagram is

The GoPalette.AlignsSelectionObject property controls whether the Icon or the whole node is positioned by GoPalette.LayoutItems(). That property is true by default, so the node Icons are aligned rather than the whole nodes. So if you really want to line up the nodes rather than the node Icons, I would set this property to false.
Did you make the Width of the GridCellSize larger?
The LayoutItems method resets the ShowHorizontalScrollBar and ShowVerticalScrollBar properties to Hide and IfNeeded, respectively. Maybe we should change this by moving that code into the GoPalette.Orientation setter.
You can, of course, override LayoutItems to do whatever you want.

I have the same problem with ShowHorizontalScrollBar. I’ve re-reset the ShowHorizontalScrollBar after LayoutItems method call and solved the problem…for the moment. If I resize the GoPalette control, it seems that the LayoutItems is called internally and the ShowHorizontalScrollBar is reset. Maybe if I catch the resize event I can set again the ShowHorizontalScrollBar how I need, but I don’t think this is a good solution, because I’m sure that I will find other events where the ShowHorizontalScrollBar is reset. Or not?!
Do you think it’s possible to move/remove the reset of these two properties?
Thank you for your time.
PS. I was wondering, why did you put this code there? and, mostly, why you don’t keep the user settings?

Yes, in retrospect, that was a design mistake. Sorry about that.
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Hi Walter,
Please confirm that you receive my request(Razvan Zobea, Waters).
Thank you.

I sent email about 23 hours ago.