Altering Node Template on the go

Hi All,

I have been using GoJS for about 1 month and have found almost all my business requirements in there. But I am now stuck at one point and am pretty sure the solution exists in GoJS but I am unable to find it. Please help me resolve this issue.

I want to create a node template which has a plus button image in it and clicking on it should create a text area within/inside the node, thereby re-sizing the node’s dimensions. This activity should repeat every time I click on the plus button image.
I don’t want to programatically hard code the number of text areas a node can have. I want it to get created on the go, so that different nodes in the Diagram have different number of text areas.

Can it be done?

If you want to show a variable collection of Panels of GraphObjects, you need to use Panel.itemArray. Read about this at:

For example: Click on a down arrow button to add text items that can be edited.