Anchor objects in a view?

Walter, I have another problem. How can i set the properties of IconicNodes to do the same thing that Anchor propertie in the form.

When i maximize the window, i want that nodes refresh this positions automatically.

I don’t know what you mean. You could change the GoView.DocScale and DocPosition properties so that you zoom in or out.

GoView.RescaleToFit() will do that too, but it limits the new DocScale to be at most 1, so that it doesn't zoom in if the view is bigger than the document size. Another possibility is to first reset the size of the document:
goView1.Document.Bounds = goView1.ComputeDocumentBounds();
But if you just want to move the nodes, without zooming in or out, then you'll need to change the Position or the Location of those nodes in your own Control.SizeChanged event handler.

I’m with some dificulties in to explain my problem. I build the nodes and set there locations according the size of the view, and i want the nodes to be fixed in each position (node.Movable = false;).

But when application is in execution and the user maximize the window they stay in the same position in the view, and i don't want that.
I will try to explain with images.
This image is when the form is in the normal size, and the Iconic Nodes are in correct positions.
This image is when the window is maximized, and what i want to know is how i fix the location of the nodes.

It appears that your notion of a “correct” location for the nodes depending on the size of the view is specific to your application.

So you will need to move the nodes yourself, presumably in a Control.SizeChanged event handler.

I’m trying to resolve the problem with the sizeChanged event. It’s almost solved.

Another problem is that when i maximize the window, the goView increase the size, but when i restore down i think that the goView don't come back to normal size.