Angle between two nodes connected through link

i want to know the angle between two nodes as shown in dig…

  1. I have 2 nodes connected through a link
  2. how to know the angle between them
  3. Can i make connections with my own specified angle?
    like Aplha to Beta with 30degree???


You could use methods on Point to determine the angle between two Points. Look for methods starting with “direction” in their names.

If the Part.locationSpot is go.Spot.Center and the Part.locationObjectName refers to the circle Shape, then you can just get the direction between the Part.location of the two Nodes.

I don’t know how you can make links at a particular angle unless the nodes are in the needed locations relative to each other. Could you be more specific about what you want?

thanks for your reply…
as shown in below fig
i need the angle of link from node beta

You’ll need to locate the Nodes at the points that you want.

I suppose you could force each Link’s route to be at the angle that you want, but then one or both ends of the link will not be physically connecting with nodes. So you really need to layout your nodes to be at the relative angles that you want.

if i just want the angle between two nodes connected through link…then i should use point class methods right??

yes, that’s right, as I explained above.