Angular 13 and pageFlow.html

Hi I am trying to implement using as template the example in angular on github using angular tag the pageFlow diagram. I can not make it work.

This are the respositories:

Hi, thanks for the reproducible sample! Iā€™m out of office today but I will investigate this tomorrow

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There are a couple issues I see here. Note I could not get the StackBlitz to run at all, but I was able to download your repo and run it that way.

  • You do not have any gojs-palette element in your gojs-flow-component. When you add that, you will need to make sure you bind expected functions and properties to it, such as initPalette.
  • You have no (modelChange) listener on your gojs-diagram, so even once you get the initial data to work and display properly, the data Angular knows about and the data GoJS knows about will likely get out of sync

There are examples of the above in the gojs-angular-basic sample (which it does look like you started from, but did not mirror its structure in your page flow component).

I recommend you read all of this page and study the gojs-angular-basic sample closely until you understand what properties each of the gojs-angular components expects and why.

Feel free to ask me any further specific questions you might have

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Thanks! I was able to make work the PageFlow not using Angular-Tag. I will take your recomendations and see what is happen