Angular SVG with Icon Registry

I’m currently facing the problem of integrating SVG’s dynamically in GoJS.

In my case, there are the normal Angular Material Icons and Icons from the Angular Icon Registry. Normally, a component takes care of handling the SVG or Material Icon decisions.

I was trying to use the SVG to geometry function, like in the samples: SVG Tiger Drawing in GoJS with no success.

Also using GoJS.Picture’s ‘element’ prop with a dynamic created Angular Component (Normal SVG Component) was not working.

      new Panel(Panel.Horizontal, {})
          new Picture({
            source: 'src/assets/icons/test.svg',
          new Picture({ width: 35, height: 35 }).bind('element', '', () => {
            const componentRef =

            componentRef.instance.icon = 'something.icon';


            return componentRef.location.nativeElement;
            // return compRef.location.nativeElement;

Any hint how I can load the images from the Angular Icon Registry?

Thanks in advance

Yes, you should use a Picture.

Is what is returned by that conversion function an instance of an HTMLImageElement?

Can you just get a URL? If so, bind the Picture.source property to the URL.