Angularjs complete set of examples?

There is only one example of an AngularJS directive for the GoJS library.

Is there any possibility of having AngularJS examples of the other sample materials?
The API for GoJS is not exactly trivial, so it would be helpful for AngularJS users to see directives for the more complicated samples.

There’s only one AngularJS sample, but there’s an Angular (actually version 4) sample under projects/angular-basic.

Really, if you want more complicated uses of GoJS, look at any of the more complicated sample apps.

Yeah, maybe my question was not clear enough: I understand there are more complicated examples of GoJS. The request is for GoJS to include AngularJS (1.x) versions of those complicated samples.

Sorry, but I think it’s unlikely that we’ll devote any more resources to AngularJS (1.x).