Animate BizTalk Orchestration?

Would it be hard to highlight the current state of a BizTalk Orchestration, in a look-a-like diagram? In real time for a slow process? On a web page? In other words, I want a customer to be able to visually track the progress of a given message.Confused

I’ve already answered:
You might find it easier to first develop a Windows Forms version of your monitoring application, and then port it to Web Forms. As long as you don’t depend on any Windows-Forms-only features (such as ImageLists, mouse-over or hovering, between-windows-drag-and-drop, context menus, and any highly interactive behavior) the port of all of the GoDiagram-related functionality is trivial. Read GoWinWebDiffs.doc for more details.
Then if you need more interactivity you could also deliver your functionality using No Touch Deployment, or by embedding your control using a GoView in an HTML page using an element.