Animated state charts?

Can I display state charts on the web in real time? I mean, is it possible to update and highlight the current ‘state’ node in real time?
For example, if I have a database that tracks the current state of a (slow) process, would it be possible to highlight the ‘state’ on a web page? And have it automatically refreshed, without human intervention?
Could I do it with the Express version?
(I have done some ASP.NET pages earlier, without graphs)

Yes, you can either have the page refresh itself occasionally (say once every 60 seconds, using ), or you can define a JavaScript timer to call goReload to just reload the image without reloading the whole page.
Of course in either case you’ll need to make sure the GoDocument that the GoView is rendering has been updated with newer information. If you take the latter approach, you’ll need to define your own class inheriting from GoView so that you can override OnNoPostLoad for initialization and maybe RaisePostBackEvent for argument handling.
In any case, this is heavy duty ASP.NET programming, using GoDiagram Web. GoDiagram Express is just for Windows Forms.