Animation of transitions in zoom and setViewPositi


We are looking to add smooth transitions to our existing JGO views (an application we built and have upgraded over the last decade.)

Within a loop, when changing the center and zoom from one chip to another in the view, we set a non-linear path of intermediate steps so that the view moves smoothly from one point to the other. (If we force paint in the loop, the screen flickers significantly).

Has anyone had success doing so? Without forcing paint within the loop, we are trying to use timers, yet to no avail. Please let us know if there is a simpler technique or success of which we might not be thinking.

PS: good to see the JS work continue, but we will be looking to JavaFX over the next year for our thick client apps…


Mea Culpa. I figured it out. Use of a timer without forcing paint is now working very nicely. Even with many node networks getting smooth transitions.